CAUT urges action on Bill C-279 gender identity

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The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) – in partnership with Amnesty International, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Gender Mosaic, and many other organizations – has been working to lobby for the passage of Bill C-279, which would add protection for gender identity into the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code. In addition to the social justice allies with whom CAUT has collaborated, law enforcement officials have advocated for this bill, stating that it would give them greater power to protect trans people and to prosecute their aggressors. Bill C-279 is currently in the Senate awaiting a final committee hearing and, subsequently, third (and final) reading. November 20 was the Transgender Day of Remembrance which provided an important moment for reflection on the past and present violence and discrimination faced by the trans members of our communities. It also served as a reminder that the fight against transphobia must be ongoing, and that it must manifest in all the work we do: in our defense of academic freedom, in our promotion and practice of equity, and in negotiating rights and protections for trans academic staff.

You can find contact information for the Senate committee members, and additional information about the bill, on the PSAC website here:


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