Member Emergency Fund

by Faculty Association | Filed under December 2014.

The Faculty Association administers a Member Emergency Fund to help individual members under emergency circumstances due to a sudden loss or decline in remuneration from the University.

The Member Emergency Fund is not intended to be used in cases where normal remuneration is inadequate for an individual’s expenses. Rather, this fund is available when there is an unexpected drop in remuneration, or when a personal emergency arises. This fund is not intended to replace the normal assistance available from government or other agencies.

In addition to current members, individuals who have held sessional, limited term or contingent term appointments which have recently terminated are eligible to apply. Relief may be provided as a grant, an interest-free loan, or as a combination grant/loan.

For more information on the Member Emergency Fund, please contact Faculty Association Executive Director Sheila Miller, by phone, (403) 220-5722 or by email, sheila.miller AT

All inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence.

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