Update Concerning Faculty Guidelines

by Faculty Association | Filed under Joint-Communique.

September 27, 2011

From:  Sheila Miller, Executive Director, Faculty Association
Dru Marshall, Provost and Vice President (Academic), University of Calgary

There are a number of negotiations currently being undertaken between TUCFA and the University. Two of the negotiating tables are examining putting the processes for tenure, promotion and assessment into the Collective Agreement. As a consequence, once processes for tenure, promotion and assessment have been completed, there will be changes required to the APT and GPC Manuals and hence to Faculty Guidelines.

Because negotiations are ongoing, it is not appropriate to make changes to any Faculty Guidelines that deal with Section 3 (Criteria for Appointment, Tenure, Merit Assessment and Promotion), Section 5 (Appointment Review and Renewal) or Section 6 (Merit Assessments and Promotions) of the APT Manual.

This means that Faculties will continue to use their latest approved Guidelines, supplemented by GFC approved changes to the APT Manual subsequent to their Guidelines approval, in this year’s FPC process. In order to eliminate some confusion in the academic community, the Provost has requested that the Deans withdraw any other documents related to changes or proposals in Faculty Guidelines. The approved guidelines are available at:


Both the Faculty Association and the Administration will try to ensure a timely completion of negotiations so that Faculties can start work on their Faculty Guidelines. However, since negotiations are not complete, no work on Faculty Guidelines can occur at this time. Please note that any changes to Guidelines that have been made post-Provost approval cannot be used. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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