A new political reality with possibility

by Faculty Association | Filed under June 2015, President's Message.

– By Sandra Hoenle, Faculty Association President –

The face of Alberta politics has changed considerably since I wrote my last message. In this new political landscape, the Faculty Association is hoping to put the voice of academics on the radar. While our senior administration works hard to establish a good working relationship with the government, we do bring a different perspective to the table than the senior administration or the Board of Governors. Unfortunately in the past, the governing party seemed uninterested in the perspective of those of us who actually do the work at the core of the university’s mission: teaching and research. We bring expertise to those areas that will help us provide insights and assistance to our new minister, Lori Sigurdson, and her staff as she navigates her new position and her portfolio.

This is certainly an exciting time for government relations and the Faculty Association will maximize our opportunities to engage in dialogue with our new government, both through our Association and in conjunction with our provincial organisation, CAFA (Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations to voice out particular concerns.

As we move into the summer, I wish all of you – in addition to productive time for those projects that never seem to get done during the fall and winter semesters – time for rest, contemplation and regeneration. We have a busy and exciting year coming up.

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