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APT Ad Hoc Committee process and Faculty Guideline changes

According to the Articles in the Collective Agreement related to merit assessment and tenure/promotion, the criteria for these processes are to be established by the General Faculties Council (GFC). Following such approval, the Faculty Councils could be given the authority to update their Faculty Guidelines to align with the provisions approved by the GFC and the Collective Agreement. To prepare for the GFC motion, a special Appointment Promotion and Tenure (APT) Ad Hoc Committee has been working to take the existing provisions of the APT Manual and re-craft them for approval by GFC.

After many months of work, the APT Ad Hoc Committee unanimously recommended the establishment of a new Handbook of documents, along with a new “working group” to continue updating the documents, and the transfer of some of the provisions to the Collective Agreement, where the matters related to the these provisions. We had expected this recommendation would be reviewed by GFC in June so that the Faculties would be released to start work on their own Faculty Guidelines. Unfortunately, the University Secretariat has raised concerns regarding the process, and the recommendations were derailed at the last minute. It is our hope that these concerns will be addressed in time for the GFC meeting in October. In the meantime, there is still a moratorium on the Faculty Councils considering any matters related to criteria for the merit process, tenure or promotion.

June 2018
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3. Review of Association By-laws
4. APT Ad Hoc Committee process and Faculty Guideline changes
5. Spring and Summer teaching
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