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Expenses of Working Remotely: Keep Your Receipts

Several members have raised concerns around the additional expenses incurred as a result of the transition to working remotely. For example, some members did not have webcams or a suitable laptop for working at home, some members have had to purchase home office equipment for improved ergonomics, and some have seen their utility costs increase significantly. The Faculty Association continues to raise these concerns with the Administration. As was noted in the past, the Association was able to negotiate early access to the 20/21 Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) amount, so members have been able to utilize those funds since April 1. PER or funding from other sources (such as research grants) may provide some relief where the expenses are appropriate under those rules. However, where there is not a source of funding, some members have asked whether they will be able to get a T2200 form to allow for deductions from taxes for these expenses. In the past the Administration has refused to provide such forms; however, they are currently investigating whether the situation related to the ‘stay at home’ order may change this. The Faculty Association is also pursuing this further with CAUT. As this question is still up in the air, it is recommended that members keep good records of these additional expenses including any relevant receipts in case they may become useful at a later date.

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