Best wishes for 2014 and beyond

by Faculty Association | Filed under December 2013, President's Message.

 – By Paul Rogers, Faculty Association President –

This has been an exceptionally busy semester for the Association on many fronts, as I am sure you are aware from the letter I sent to you all at the end of October on the plan of the U of C administration to contract with a third party to deliver a “foundation year” program on campus (click here for my original letter).   I will be writing to you all in early 2014 to provide you with a more detailed update on this important topic, but for now I would like to highlight that a number of U of C departments councils have passed motions formally opposing the contracting out of the teaching of for-credit courses to a third party, and we expect more to follow soon.

There is one other significant issue that I want to bring to your attention.  This is the composition of Presidential Review Committee (PRC) for President Cannon, which is a standing committee of the U of C’s Board of Governors.  I wrote to the Chair of the U of C Board, Bonnie DuPont, in early October (letter available here) raising concerns with the composition of the review committee, which does not include a representative of the Association, and asking that the composition be reconsidered.  Ms. DuPont responded quickly (letter available here), within a week, rejecting the Association’s request.  This is highly regrettable as the Board of Governors has not revised the terms of reference for this committee since 1992, which goes against both the Board’s by-law and the terms of reference for its Human Resources and Governance Committee.

If you have any thoughts that you wish to share with me on the two issues above, or on any others that you think ought to be concerns of the Faculty Association, please do not hesitate to contact me (I can be reached via email at my Faculty Association address,  Finally, on behalf of the Association, I wish you peace and joy for the imminent holiday season and for 2014 and beyond.


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