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Best wishes for 2014 and beyond

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 – By Paul Rogers, Faculty Association President –

This has been an exceptionally busy semester for the Association on many fronts, as I am sure you are aware from the letter I sent to you all at the end of October on the plan of the U of C administration to contract with a third party to deliver a “foundation year” program on campus (click here for my original letter).   I will be writing to you all in early 2014 to provide you with a more detailed update on this important topic, but for now I would like to highlight that a number of U of C departments councils have passed motions formally opposing the contracting out of the teaching of for-credit courses to a third party, and we expect more to follow soon.

There is one other significant issue that I want to bring to your attention.  This is the composition of Presidential Review Committee (PRC) for President Cannon, which is a standing committee of the U of C’s Board of Governors.  I wrote to the Chair of the U of C Board, Bonnie DuPont, in early October (letter available here) raising concerns with the composition of the review committee, which does not include a representative of the Association, and asking that the composition be reconsidered.  Ms. DuPont responded quickly (letter available here), within a week, rejecting the Association’s request.  This is highly regrettable as the Board of Governors has not revised the terms of reference for this committee since 1992, which goes against both the Board’s by-law and the terms of reference for its Human Resources and Governance Committee.

If you have any thoughts that you wish to share with me on the two issues above, or on any others that you think ought to be concerns of the Faculty Association, please do not hesitate to contact me (I can be reached via email at my Faculty Association address, paul.rogers@tucfa.com).  Finally, on behalf of the Association, I wish you peace and joy for the imminent holiday season and for 2014 and beyond.


Merit increment pay

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Now that merit increments have been confirmed by the General Promotions Committee (GPC), the merit amount will be paid retroactively to July 1, 2013. The exception being changes in increments for those members whose appeals are being heard by GPC in January. This merit amount will likely be provided in next week’s pay.

Faculty Association supports local food banks

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In lieu of holiday gifts, the Faculty Association has a tradition of donating to local food banks. This year, the Campus Food Bank and the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank received a donation of $2,500 each in recognition of the valuable support they provide during the holiday season.

(Pictured) Faculty Association President Paul Rogers (centre) presents a cheque to Students’ Union Campus Food Bank Co-coordinators, Gayathri Wewala (left) and Shawnee Belleville (right).

Financial Statements 2012 – 2013

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The Faculty Association’s audited financial statements were approved by the Board of Directors on December 17, 2013. The audit was executed as required by the Association’s by-laws. The auditors found that there was excellent cooperation between management and other personnel, and that the audit numbers support the assurance that the Association is in good financial shape.

The financial statements for the fiscal year 2012-2013 will be available on our website in January. If you have any questions, please contact the office by email, faculty.association@tucfa.com, or by phone, (403) 220-5722.

CAUT nominations open

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Nominations are being actively sought for election to the CAUT Executive Committee, namely: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Chair of the Collective Bargaining and Economic Benefits Committee, Chair of the Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee, Co-Chairs of the Equity Committee, Representative-at-Large (Aboriginal), Representative-at-Large (Francophone), Representative-at-Large (Quebec) and two Representatives-at-Large (General). The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2014.

Nominations are also being sought for election to positions on four CAUT Standing Committees: Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee (three vacancies); Collective Bargaining and Economic Benefits Committee (three or four vacancies dependent on whether an incumbent member of the committee is elected Chair by CAUT Council); Equity Committee (ten vacancies including two co-chairs to be elected by CAUT Council); and Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee (three or four vacancies dependent on whether an incumbent member of the committee is elected Chair by CAUT Council). The deadline for these nominations is February 3, 2014.

Those seeking endorsement for their candidacy by the local Association Board of Directors should file their nomination forms with our office no later than January 21, 2014. For further information on any of the above positions, or for a nomination package, please contact the Faculty Association.

More information on CAUT Executive Positions and Standing Committee nominations can be found online at www.caut.ca.

Department Representatives 2013 – 2014

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Each department (and in the case of non-departmentalized Faculties, each Faculty) has the opportunity to appoint an individual to be a Faculty Association Department Representative. The role of the Department Representative is as liaison between the Faculty Association Board of Directors and the department or Faculty.

In order to maintain effective communication, both from and to members, the Association has established regular Department Representative meetings. Through these meetings, discussion can take place on the current issues facing the Association, its members, and the University community.

The Association encourages Department Representatives to be diligent in gathering and relaying information in both directions. Department Representatives communicate their academic colleagues’ views to the Association, and reciprocally inform academic staff in their area of the Board of Directors’ priorities, positions and activities. The Department Representatives are encouraged to attend the scheduled meetings whenever possible.

After each meeting, Department Representatives are urged to provide a summary to their colleagues by email. To facilitate this, the Association produces a Bulletin which includes the main points discussed at the meeting. The Bulletins are also posted on the Faculty Association’s website. Department Representatives can of course provide and solicit feedback in whatever form best fits their area.

Academic staff are encouraged to send their comments or feedback to their Department Representative or to forward it directly to the Faculty Association office.  Department Representatives are asked throughout the year to gather input from their colleagues and provide it to the Association.

Department Representatives are often approached by members of their departments or units with questions or problems in relation to academic staff matters and asked for advice. Since answers to many such questions and problems have complexities, ramifications, and implications legal and otherwise of which the Department Representative may not be aware, the Department Representative is asked to always refer such questions, problems and requests for advice to the Faculty Association office.

For similar reasons, if a Department Representative is approached by a colleague for advice and assistance on FPC matters, they should refer the colleague to the Faculty Association office.

The following is a list of Department Representatives, by department, for the 2013-2014 academic year:


  • Anaesthesia – Gary Dobson
  • Anthropology – Naotaka Hayashi
  • Archaeology – Julio Mercader Florin
  • Art – Robin Furr
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology – Dallan Young
  • Biological Sciences – Elke Lohmeier-Vogel
  • Cell Biology & Anatomy – Matthias Amrein
  • Chemical & Petroleum Engineering – Michael Foley
  • Chemistry – Farideh Jalilehvand
  • Civil Engineering – Richard Wan (2013)/Angus Chu (2014)
  • Clinical Neurosciences – Keith Brownell
  • Community Health Sciences – Bonnie Lashewicz
  • Comparative Biology & Experimental Medicine – Jason Anderson
  • Computer Science – Reda Alhajj
  • Economics – Christopher Bruce
  • Ecosystem & Public Health – Amy Warren
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering – Anis Haque
  • Environmental Design – Jason Johnson
  • Family Medicine – Roger Thomas
  • French Italian & Spanish – Fresia Sanchez
  • Geography – Shelley Alexander
  • Geomatics Engineering – Michael Barry
  • Geoscience – Robert Ferguson
  • Greek & Roman Studies – Noreen Humble
  • Haskayne School of Business – Robert Malach/Ryan Lee (alternate)
  • History – Ken MacMillan
  • Kinesiology – Tish Doyle-Baker
  • Libraries and Cultural Resources – Melanie Boyd
  • Linguistics, Languages & Cultures – Maria Euchner
  • Mathematics & Statistics – Berndt Brenken
  • Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering – David Rival
  • Microbiology, Immunology & Infectious Diseases – Shawn Lewenza
  • Nursing – Cydnee Senevirantne
  • Oncology – Rao Khan
  • Paediatrics – Mark Anselmo
  • Philosophy – David Dick
  • Physiology & Pharmacology – Francine Smith
  • Political Science – David Stewart
  • Production Animal Health – John Kastelic
  • Psychiatry – Rajamannar Ramasubbu
  • Psychology – Giuseppe Iaria
  • Radiology – Jeffrey Dunn
  • Religious Studies – Irving Hexham
  • Sexual Harassment Office – Shirley Voyna Wilson
  • School of Creative and Performing Arts – Kenneth DeLong
  • Social Work – Jeannette Waegemakers-Schiff
  • Sociology – Val Haines
  • Student & Enrolment Services – Jeff Vander Werf
  • Surgery – Elizabeth Oddone-Paolucci
  • Vet Clinical & Diagnostic Science – Nigel Caulkett
  • Werklund School of Education – Salvatore Mendaglio


The following departments have not notified the Association of a representative:

Cardiac Science, Communication & Culture, Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies, Critical Care Medicine, English, Medical Genetics, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Physics & Astronomy, and the Faculty of Law.

Assigned duties on Saturdays and Sundays

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The work of academic staff members is not a nine-to-five job and many of our members often decide to work on weekends. However, the Faculty Association wants to ensure academic staff members know their rights in this area. Ongoing academic staff cannot be “assigned” work by their Dean or equivalent on a weekend, e.g. assigned to teach a course that is offered on Saturday or Sunday, without voluntarily agreeing (without coercion) to do so.

Member Emergency Fund

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The Faculty Association administers a Member Emergency Fund to help individual members under emergency circumstances due to a sudden loss or decline in remuneration from the University.

The Member Emergency Fund is not intended to be used in cases where normal remuneration is inadequate for an individual’s expenses. Rather, this fund is available when there is an unexpected drop in remuneration, or when a personal emergency arises. This fund is not intended to replace the normal assistance available from government or other agencies.

In addition to current members, individuals who have held sessional, limited term or contingent term appointments which have recently terminated are eligible to apply. Relief may be provided as a grant, an interest-free loan, or as a combination grant/loan.

For more information on the Member Emergency Fund, please contact Faculty Association Executive Director Sheila Miller, by phone, (403) 220-5722 or by email, sheila.miller AT tucfa.com.

All inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence.

Collective Agreement Ratification results

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Further to a message sent to all academic staff in October regarding the positive result of the ratification, the ballot numbers were as follows:

Yes                                         614 (87%)

No                                          91 (13%)

Spoiled                                 3 (0.005%)

Total votes cast                 708 (100%)


Total votes issued:

Ongoing               1809

Sessional             503

Holiday closure

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The Faculty Association office will be closed at noon on December 20 for the holiday season and will reopen on January 6. The Association’s voicemail will be checked regularly on days the University is open. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Board of Directors nominations

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The term of the President and Chair of the Board of Directors, Paul Rogers, is expiring on June 30, 2014 and nominations of candidates is invited.

There are five (5) three-year terms open for election on the Board of Directors. The designated sessional seat, a one-year term, is also open for election. Nominees must be current members of the Association, or have held a sessional position at some point since May 1, 2013.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, February 10 at 4:30 p.m. Nominations must be received at the Faculty Association office by that time.

Nominations must be received in writing. Also required on the nomination form are the signatures of at least three members of the Association, as well as the written consent of the nominee. Nominations should be accompanied by a statement from the nominee of a maximum 100 words, which will be circulated along with the ballots. No member may nominate more than two candidates.

Potential candidates should be aware that the Board of Directors meetings are regularly scheduled on Tuesday afternoons, approximately once per month from September to June. Additional meetings are scheduled as required. Directors are also regularly appointed to a variety of other Association, University, and external committees as representatives of the Association.

Click here to download a nomination form for President and Chair of the Board of Directors.

Click here to download a nomination form for Board of Directors member.

More information on these positions is available by contacting the Faculty Association by email, faculty.association@tucfa.com, or by phone, (403) 220-5722.