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A new political reality with possibility

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– By Sandra Hoenle, Faculty Association President –

The face of Alberta politics has changed considerably since I wrote my last message. In this new political landscape, the Faculty Association is hoping to put the voice of academics on the radar. While our senior administration works hard to establish a good working relationship with the government, we do bring a different perspective to the table than the senior administration or the Board of Governors. Unfortunately in the past, the governing party seemed uninterested in the perspective of those of us who actually do the work at the core of the university’s mission: teaching and research. We bring expertise to those areas that will help us provide insights and assistance to our new minister, Lori Sigurdson, and her staff as she navigates her new position and her portfolio.

This is certainly an exciting time for government relations and the Faculty Association will maximize our opportunities to engage in dialogue with our new government, both through our Association and in conjunction with our provincial organisation, CAFA (Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations to voice out particular concerns.

As we move into the summer, I wish all of you – in addition to productive time for those projects that never seem to get done during the fall and winter semesters – time for rest, contemplation and regeneration. We have a busy and exciting year coming up.

Promotion and Tenure FAQs

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I have applied for tenure, but I’m having second thoughts. Is it okay if I withdraw my application?

If this is your ‘normal time’ to go for tenure, if you withdraw you will not automatically be given a future opportunity to apply for tenure. To extend the tenure clock and apply again in the future, you need to get a deferral. There are four kinds of deferrals as listed in the Agreement. Generally, if the reason you are deferring is outside of your control (e.g. illness, tragedy in the family, etc.) then the Dean may be willing to provide you with a deferral. If the reason is of your own choice (you don’t feel ready, you want to wait until a major work is published, etc.) this would be a personal deferral. If this is not your ‘normal time’ tenure, you can withdraw and apply again at the regular time, but if you withdraw later than November 25 it will count as one of your two applications for tenure.

I have applied for promotion (tenure is not involved), but I’m having second thoughts, Is it okay to withdraw my application?

You can withdraw an application for promotion at any time, without consequence, so long as tenure is not a factor. A withdrawal one year does not affect your ability to apply for promotion again in the future when you believe you are ready.

How many times can I apply for promotion?

If tenure is not an issue, there is no restriction on the number of times you can apply for promotion. That being said, keep in mind how you will appear to the committee, your Head and Dean. So if you were turned down for promotion one year, unless you have significant new accomplishment, you may not want to immediately apply for promotion the following year.

Is it the case that only my work at the U of C counts?

No, your entire career counts for both tenure and promotion. That includes work you did at the U of C, at any other university, or in other places, so long as it is relevant to the criteria being considered.

The rules talk about a “head”, but I’m in a non-departmentalized Faculty. Who is the “head”?

In non-departmentalized faculties, the Dean is to select one person to act as the Head and perform those functions listed in the Agreement (e.g. make the recommendation about your application for tenure or promotion).

In my Faculty, the role of Head has traditionally been shared by three Associate Deans, will that continue?

For each candidate there can only be one person acting as Head, so the idea of a joint recommendation is no longer permitted. However, the Dean might assign one Associate Dean to take care of certain applications and another Associate Dean to take care of other applications.

Will the Head’s recommendation be discussed by a Departmental Committee?

Departmental Committees are not permitted. All tenured academic staff in the department will be consulted as part of the process, and can submit their written comments through the Dean.

I am going up for tenure with promotion to Associate. Can they grant one but not the other?

No, tenure and promotion to Associate (or equivalent) are now linked for academic staff members who are on the tenure track.

Once I submit my CV and other materials, can I make changes to them?

Yes, you can make changes to the materials at any point if you believe there is new information that will have a significant impact on the review of your case. Make sure that the change is significant; repeated insignificant changes may make you appear desperate.

Inspired Service Award – Community Service

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The campus community is invited to make nominations for the Faculty Association Inspired Service Award – Community Service. [DEADLINE EXTENDED: November 16, 2015]

Community Service Award – nomination form

The Community Service Award recognizes a member of the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary who has provided exceptional service to the community and has gone above and beyond the requirements of the person’s position.  This person has therefore made an outstanding contribution of personal time and effort for the benefit of others. Special emphasis will be placed on those service activities that involve outreach to the community beyond the University and activities that go beyond the regular duties of the academic staff member. In this context, service may include volunteer work, as well as educational outreach or the application of research and other scholarly activities in the community.

A list of past recipients can be found here.

Contact the Faculty Association by email, faculty.association AT tucfa.com , or by phone (403) 220-5722 should you have any questions.

Collective Agreement changes ratified

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Further to a mailman message sent by the Faculty Association to all academic staff regarding the positive result of the ratification, the ballot numbers were as follows:

Yes                                      506 (96.0%)

No                                        20 (3.8%)

Spoiled                                1 (0.2%)

Total votes cast                  527 (100%)


Total votes issued:

Ongoing               1795

Sessional             232


Note: a revised Collective Agreement will be available online soon. It will include the new Article 8 (Harassment) language and updated salary scales reflecting the two per cent increase for both ongoing and sessional members.

CAUT dues changes

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A minor change in CAUT dues takes effect on July 1, 2015. These dues are calculated by applying a mil rate to the national average salary at each rank. While the mil rate remains unchanged at 1.50, variations in the national average salary result in slight changes to the dues amounts. The monthly amounts are as follows:

CAUT Membership Fees 2015-16 (2014-15)

Professor $17.70 ($17.35)

Associate $14.03 ($13.75)

Assistant $11.37 ($11.15)

Part-time/Sessional $3.70 ($3.63)

Summer hours

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The Faculty Association office will be closed on Fridays for the months of July and August. The Association’s voicemail will be checked regularly on days the University is open.