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Farewell message

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– By Sandra Hoenle, Faculty Association President –

With the arrival of spring and summer, many of us are in conference mode or perhaps shifting our focus from our regular duties. Here in the Faculty Association, we continue to work full-out with adapting to the new labour regime imposed on us by the government last spring. This work includes making sure all Association policies and by-laws conform to the Labour Code, negotiating with Senior Administration to develop an essential services agreement, developing strike protocols, and participating as intervenors in Labour Board cases whose decisions could have an impact on our future. This is in addition to dealing with the regular work of the Association, consisting primarily of grievance and investigation work, a workload that seems to be steadily increasing with every year, and also includes responding to member inquiries, which may be anything from providing a piece of information regarding career processes to dealing with violations of the Collective Agreement.

This is my last President’s message, as my term comes to an end on June 30. This has been a time of challenges, satisfying work, and sometimes frustration. As I noted above, there have been substantial changes during this time, primarily due to our becoming a trade union – and much of the work associated with this change continues and will continue for some time.

I would like to thank the members who have supported me and expressed their thanks for my work as President, as well as those who have provided critiques, which provided the impetus for reflection on how things could perhaps be done better. I would also like to thank members of the Board of Directors and Faculty Association Executive for their thoughtful input and guidance during these four years. Last, but not least, I would like to thank the Association’s experienced, professional, and accomplished staff, particularly our Executive Director, Sheila Miller, for providing exemplary support for me and the other Officers of the Association.

To all Association members, I hope you have time to recharge during the spring and summer and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Spring and Summer teaching

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Collective Agreement Articles 12.8 and 12.9 outline how teaching duties can be assigned to academic staff in Spring and Summer sessions. Teaching in the Spring or Summer Session may be assigned as part the regular workload for academic staff in the Instructor ranks. It is not permissible under the Collective Agreement for regular assigned duties to include teaching in both Spring and Summer sessions in one academic year (July 1 – June 30). If the teaching is voluntarily agreed to by the academic staff member in addition to regular assigned duties the academic staff member is to receive extra compensation for this work as per the Collective Agreement, Schedule “A”. For academic staff in the Professor ranks, teaching in the Spring or Summer sessions cannot be assigned as part of the regular workload (although academic staff can voluntarily agree). And again, any teaching that is over and above the regular assigned duties would be subject to extra compensation. The Articles from the Collective Agreement are as follows:

“12.8 Teaching duties in the Spring or Summer Session may be assigned as part of regular assigned duties for academic staff in the Instructor ranks, but not for academic staff in the Professor ranks, unless voluntarily agreed to by the academic staff member.

12.9 An academic staff member who teaches in Spring and Summer Sessions in addition to regular assigned duties shall receive extra compensation for such teaching in accordance with Schedule “A”.”

Also a reminder that with the Fall Term Reading Week addition to the Academic Calendar, the Faculty Association and the Board of Governors agreed to a memorandum on the assignment of teaching. The purpose of this Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was to establish clear and precise guidelines regarding the assignment of teaching duties for the Fall Term Block Week. More information is available here.

Any academic staff who have questions about their own workload in relation to teaching in Spring and Summer sessions are welcome to contact the Faculty Association office.


APT Ad Hoc Committee process and Faculty Guideline changes

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According to the Articles in the Collective Agreement related to merit assessment and tenure/promotion, the criteria for these processes are to be established by the General Faculties Council (GFC). Following such approval, the Faculty Councils could be given the authority to update their Faculty Guidelines to align with the provisions approved by the GFC and the Collective Agreement. To prepare for the GFC motion, a special Appointment Promotion and Tenure (APT) Ad Hoc Committee has been working to take the existing provisions of the APT Manual and re-craft them for approval by GFC.

After many months of work, the APT Ad Hoc Committee unanimously recommended the establishment of a new Handbook of documents, along with a new “working group” to continue updating the documents, and the transfer of some of the provisions to the Collective Agreement, where the matters related to the these provisions. We had expected this recommendation would be reviewed by GFC in June so that the Faculties would be released to start work on their own Faculty Guidelines. Unfortunately, the University Secretariat has raised concerns regarding the process, and the recommendations were derailed at the last minute. It is our hope that these concerns will be addressed in time for the GFC meeting in October. In the meantime, there is still a moratorium on the Faculty Councils considering any matters related to criteria for the merit process, tenure or promotion.

Review of Association By-laws

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The Faculty Association Board of Directors is in the process of reviewing possible changes to the By-laws. It is anticipated that these changes will be coming forward to the membership for ratification in the fall. One of the primary reasons for proposing the changes is to ensure the By-laws conform to requirements under the Labour Code.


Board of Governors nominee

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Professor Peggy Patterson (Werklund School of Education), current Board of Governors member nominated by the Faculty Association, will be retiring from the University at the end of June 2018. Thus, her eligibility to sit on the Board of Governors will also end. The Faculty Association would like to thank Professor Patterson for her service on the Board of Governors as the Faculty Association’s nominee. We would also like to thank her for her service on the Association’s Board of Directors. The Board of Governors nominee is a non-voting member of the Association’s Board of Directors.

A replacement, once approved by the Minister of Advanced Education, will be appointed to serve the remainder of Professor Patterson’s term on the Board of Governors (end date is July 31, 2019).

CAUT dues changes

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A minor change in CAUT dues takes effect on July 1, 2018. These dues are calculated by applying a mil rate to the national average salary at each rank. While the mil rate remains unchanged at 1.50, variations in the national average salary result in slight changes to the dues amounts. The monthly amounts are as follows:

CAUT Membership Fees 2018-19 (2017-18)

Professor $18.41 ($18.36)

Associate $14.83 ($14.54)

Assistant $12.00 ($11.82)

Part-time/Sessional $3.81 ($3.75)

The amount paid to the CAUT Defence Fund remains the same for 2018-19 at $5.50 per month. The CAUT Defence Fund Initiation Fee of $1.67 per month, which is only paid in the Association’s first year of membership, will end on June 30, 2018.