Collective Agreement ratification results

by Faculty Association | Filed under Gazette, September 2011.

Of the members who cast a ratification ballot, 96% voted in favour of a negotiated settlement of the Collective Agreement. The two year agreement includes: 

  • 2% across-the-board increase to salaries and salary scales in each of the two years;
  • 2% increase for sessional salaries and pay rates in each of the two years;
  • Letter of Understanding to set up a joint committee on workload;
  • A suspension of the increased workload for Instructors in the Faculty of Arts.

The Association also saw some movement on the issue of workload and a joint Association/Board of Governors committee will be struck to look further at this issue. In addition, the Association approved a Memorandum of Agreement, as part of this ratification, that the grievance and decision to increase the workload for Instructors in the Faculty of Arts will be put on hold for a year while the administration tries to sort out what a proper process and decision would be. This stems from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts unilateral decision to increase the number of courses for Instructors (who have limited research expectations as compared to Professors) in the Faculty from six courses to eight courses starting in the 2011‐12 academic year. The increase was done without consultation and, in the Association’s opinion, without understanding what was involved in teaching courses in all of the areas of Arts. As noted, with this ratification the workload increases will be suspended. The Association will be invited to make submissions regarding the “Assignment of Duties” prior to the completion of the review. If the Association is unhappy with the result, it can grieve and also open bargaining early.

The complete results of the Ratification Ballot are as follows:

Yes: 699 votes
No: 33 votes
Total votes cast: 732 votes
Total ballots issued: 1,970

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