Department Representatives 2011-2012

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Each department (and in the case of non-departmentalized Faculties, each Faculty) has the opportunity to appoint an individual to be a Faculty Association Department Representative. The role of the Department Representative is as liaison between the Faculty Association Board of Directors and the department or Faculty.

In order to maintain effective communication, both from and to members, the Association has established regular Department Representative meetings. Through these meetings, discussion can take place on the current issues facing the Association, its members, and the University community.

The Association encourages Department Representatives to be diligent in gathering and relaying information in both directions. Department Representatives communicate their academic colleagues’ views to the Association, and reciprocally inform faculty in their area of the Board of Directors’ priorities, positions and activities. The Department Representatives are encouraged to attend the scheduled meetings whenever possible.

After each meeting, Department Representatives are urged to provide a summary to their colleagues by email. To facilitate this, the Association produces a Bulletin which includes the main points discussed at the meeting. The Bulletins are also posted on the Faculty Association’s website. Department Representatives can of course provide and solicit feedback in whatever form best fits their area. 

Academic staff are encouraged to send their comments or feedback to their Department Representative or to forward it directly to the Faculty Association office.  Department Representatives are asked throughout the year to gather input from their colleagues and provide it to the Association.

Department Representatives are often approached by members of their departments or units with questions or problems in relation to academic staff matters and asked for advice. Since answers to many such questions and problems have complexities, ramifications, and implications legal and otherwise of which the Department Representative may not be aware, the Department Representative is asked to always refer such questions, problems and requests for advice to the Faculty Association office.

For similar reasons, if a Department Representative is approached by a colleague for advice and assistance on FPC matters, they should refer the colleague to the Faculty Association office.

The following is a list of Department Representatives, by department, for the 2011-2012 academic year:

  •  Anaesthesia – Gary Dobson
  • Anthropology – Saulesh Yessenova
  • Archaeology – Mary McDonald
  • Art – Clyde McConnell
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Randal Johnston
  • Biological Sciences – Robert Edwards
  • Cell Biology and Anatomy – Robert Newton
  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineering – Matthew Clarke
  • Communication and Culture – Geoff Cragg
  • Community Health Sciences – Bonnie Lashewicz
  • Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine – Jason Anderson
  • Computer Science – Majid Ghaderi Dehkordi
  • Critical Care Medicine – Brent Winston
  • Dance – Anna Mouat
  • Drama – Valerie Campbell
  • Economics – Christopher Bruce
  • Ecosystems and Public Health – Faizal Careem
  • Education – Peggy Patterson
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering – Abu Sesay
  • English – Pamela Banting (2011)/ Jason Wiens (2012)
  • Environmental Design – Denis Gadbois
  • Family Medicine – Kevin Hafez
  • French, Italian and Spanish – Fresia Sanchez
  • Geography – Gwendolyn Blue
  • Geomatics Engineering – Michael Barry
  • Geoscience – Charles Henderson
  • Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies*
  • Greek and Roman Studies – Noreen Humble
  • Haskayne School of Business – Chad Saunders
  • History – David Wright
  • Kinesiology – Nicole Culos-Reed
  • Law – Jassmine Girgis
  • Libraries and Cultural Resources – Melanie Boyd
  • Linguistics – Karsten Koch
  • Mathematics and Statistics – Wenyuan Liao
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering – Jeff Pieper
  • Medicine – Steven Edworthy
  • Music – Kenneth DeLong
  • Nursing – Kathleen Davidson
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology – Ian Lange
  • Oncology – Barbara Walley
  • Paediatrics – Mark Anselmo
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – Martin Trotter
  • Philosophy – Reid Buchanan
  • Physiology and Pharmacology – Ebba Kurz
  • Production Animal Health – Michel Levy
  • Psychology – Tavis Campbell
  • Radiology – Jeffrey Dunn
  • Religious Studies – Anne White
  • Sexual Harrassment Office – Shirley Voyna Wilson
  • Social Work – Margaret Williams
  • Social Work – Lethbridge – Barry Hall
  • Sociology – Bruce Arnold
  • Student and Enrolment Services – Jan Crook
  • Surgery – Gail Thornton
  • Teaching and Learning Centre – Loretta Teng
  • Veterinary Clinical and Diagnostic Science – Erin Fierheller


The following departments have not provided a representative to the Association:

  • Cardiac Sciences    
  • Chemistry    
  • Civil Engineering    
  • Clinical Neurosciences    
  • Community Rehab Disability Study
  • Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy    
  • Medical Genetics  
  • Microbiology and Infectious Diseases    
  • Physics and Astronomy    
  • Political Science    
  • Psychiatry  
  • Social Work – Edmonton    

 *The role of Department Representative in German, Slavic and East Asian Studies will be shared by individuals in the department for 2011-2012.

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