Faculty Association representation

by Faculty Association | Filed under April 2015.

The Faculty Association would like to remind its members about the right to representation under the Collective Agreement. One of the key purposes of the Faculty Association is to protect academic staff interests through its work to resolve conflicts between members and the administration. From time to time academic staff members may contact the Association for confidential advice. Many conflicts can be resolved informally at an early stage by the academic staff member with the advice of the Association and do not require Faculty Association representation. However when there are situations that escalate which have the potential to lead to discipline, the administration is required to advise you of your right to have a Faculty Association representative attend with you. In other situations, such as resolving conflicts, a Faculty Association advisor may also be useful. We have been concerned that not all Heads, Deans, etc. have been appropriately advising members of your rights for advice/representation. In some cases, the administration has advised our members to bring an academic colleague. Note that a colleague isĀ not the same as a Faculty Association advisor, as they would not be trained to advise you of your rights under the Collective AgreementĀ or labour law. A copy of the Collective Agreement can be found here.

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