Independent Study Courses

by Faculty Association | Filed under May 2016.

As per the Collective Agreement, there is an opportunity for ongoing academic staff in most undergraduate and graduate programs to offer one-on-one independent study courses, such as reading or research or thesis supervision courses. In a number of cases, no credit is given for such courses as part of the workload of the academic staff member, yet they are clearly part of the academic program offered by the Faculty. The Collective Agreement contains a letter of understanding (LOU) for these independent study courses. As per the Collective Agreement an independent study course can be deemed optional or mandatory. Whether the course is considered optional or mandatory will affect whether it is calculated as part of an academic staff member’s teaching load. A link to the full text of the “Letter of Understanding: Independent Study Courses” can be found below. Included in the LOU is more information on determining optional versus mandatory courses and how these courses are reported and counted.

Letter of Understanding: Independent Study Courses

A copy of the Collective Agreement can be found by clicking here.

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