New year with much work ahead

by Faculty Association | Filed under President's Message, September 2014.

– By Sandra Hoenle, Faculty Association President –

As the new academic year begins, I am pleased to greet you as the new President of the Faculty Association. I served as Vice President/Treasurer for 3 years (2011 – 2014), was previously a member of the Association Board, and served on numerous committees for 10 years (2004 – present). Although I do bring experience to the presidency, I will clearly rely on advice from and discussions with the Executive and Board of the Association. In addition, I encourage you, the academic staff, to share your thoughts and concerns with me, so that I can better represent your interests.

This promises to be another busy year, with Collective Agreement bargaining due to begin soon. Our Principal Negotiator will be seeking your input and will keep you updated with bargaining bulletins once bargaining is in progress.

As you may be aware, the Association has recently concluded bargaining the promotion and tenure process, which has now been moved into the Collective Agreement. Many Association resources will be directed toward transition to the new process. If you encounter procedural difficulties, please contact the Faculty Association office.

I am looking forward to taking up the challenges of my new role as President of this vital organization, and to working with the dedicated members of the Executive and Board, with the support of extremely competent and professional office staff. Again, I encourage you to contact me to share your general concerns and thoughts about issues of importance to you. If you should have any concerns specific to you or other individuals, please contact our office. The Faculty Association staff do not work for the university and will keep any concerns you bring to their attention confidential.

I wish everyone a productive and satisfying year.

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