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  • Statement on Laurentian University
    Our Faculty Association’s Executive joins CAUT Council and our colleagues at Laurentian and across Ontario in opposing the actions that have taken place at Laurentian University and the threat to public universities posed by those actions. We stand with our…
  • CAFA’s comments on Alberta 2030
    The Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations has released a press release responding to the Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs report that was released last week by the Alberta Government. The response from CAFA highlights several concerns that may be…
  • Health Measures and Vaccine Updates: Impacts to the Post-Secondary Sector
    A message from Alberta Advanced Education: March 16, 2021 Alberta Health has updated their Health Measures to reflect the latest Step 2b changes that came into effect on March 8th and Dr. Hinshaw announced on March 15th, details of Alberta’s…
  • Statement on 2021-22 Alberta Provincial Budget
    We are disappointed that the government has persisted with cuts to college and university funding and we wish to make clear that the removal of $90 million from post-secondary operations will not contribute to higher quality education. Unfortunately, the budget makes clear that…
  • Stop PSE Cuts Drive-by Protest
    On January 30, 2021, the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary joined other supporters of post-secondary education in Alberta in voicing our support for stable funding of post-secondary education and expressing our concern about the province’s future. We hope…

July 2020

2019-2020 Wage Reopener Arbitration Award

June 2020

Anti-Racism Statement by the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary

May 2019

Submission to the Alberta Government RE: Public Sector Wage Reopener Arbitrations Delay



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