Principal Negotiator’s Report (2011/12)

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– By Eileen Lohka, Faculty Association Principal Negotiator –

There have been a number of issues on the table for negotiation with the Governors this past year; including the tenure and promotion processes, assessment process and sessional issues.

To provide you with a little background, the objective of the tenure and promotion, and assessment negotiations is to include revamped processes in the Collective Agreement. The objective of the negotiation of sessional appointments is to deal with issues related to these types of positions.

Throughout the year a number of personnel have either joined or left the University’s administration, including Human Resources. This has complicated and lengthened the negotiations as new people have had to be brought up to speed on where the negotiations are at, and even, at times, what the current University processes are. Many meetings were cancelled as a result.

This has meant that we will not meet the timelines stipulated in three letters of understanding in the Collective Agreement. However, negotiations have now moved along on the tenure and promotion processes and we are somewhat close to putting forward a proposal to our membership for consultation. As there will not be a newly negotiated process in place, the promotions process will go ahead under the current system.

We have also begun meeting on the assessment processes but this negotiation is still in an early stage. The negotiations of sessional issues will begin again in the fall.

Furthermore, we were approached by the administration about a One-Time Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program. The membership voted not to ratify this proposal by a margin of two to one.

There is more – I have only touched on the highlights. Suffice to say it will be a busy fall 2012. In addition to what I’ve mentioned, the Association will also be preparing for bargaining of the main frame Collective Agreement this coming year.

I suspect you will be hearing from me often over the next academic year and I will most definitely be looking to you for your feedback. Have a productive and pleasant summer.

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