Retirement Incentive Ratification Interference

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Last week, you received from Sheila Miller, Faculty Association Executive Director, the vote count on the one-time voluntary retirement incentive proposal from the Board of Governors. The proposal was defeated by a margin of almost two to one (click here for full ratification results). At this point, the retirement package offered by the Board of Governors is off the table. As Sheila mentioned in her email, we are always willing to continue negotiations but the Provost has told us negotiations will not continue on this matter.

Some of you have contacted us regarding two communications received by the membership from the Provost during the ratification process. The first, at about the same time as we sent out the voting announcement, urging academic staff to vote on the retirement incentive proposal, and a second memo confirming clarification of age eligibility. For further details, please see the letter I sent to the Provost regarding these communications. The Faculty Association has now filed a grievance on this matter, as mentioned in the letter. This text of this letter is included below (click here for a .PDF of the letter).

Thank you to all those who emailed, voted and in one way or another made your voice heard.

Eileen Lohka, Principal Negotiator


March 27, 2012

Dr. Dru Marshall
Provost & Vice-President (Academic)


Dear Dr. Marshall,

I am writing to you as Principal Negotiator for the Faculty Association.

I am deeply concerned about the two recent emails you sent out to the membership of the Association.  I am sure you are fully aware that it is extremely inappropriate for a member of the Senior Administration to contact our members directly on bargaining matters while a ratification is in process.  This alone is a violation of the Association’s rights as the exclusive bargaining agent.

In addition to that breach, you have also provided the membership with misleading if not downright false information.  You have stated that “…while offering such a package is a management right that is not required to be bargaining, the university invited TUCFA to negotiate as a collaborative process.”  This is simply not true.   Let me remind you of what the Faculty Association received from the Director of Faculty and Employee Relations, on March 2, 2012, which was cc’d to you:  “…the UofC is recognizing TUCFA as the authorized bargaining agent for purposes of negotiating this One Time Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program.”

Regardless of the outcome of the current vote, please be advised that the Faculty Association will be filing a formal grievance on this matter.



Eileen Lohka,
Principal Negotiator


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