Salary anomalies process for 2016-17

by Faculty Association | Filed under December 2016.

The Compensation Disclosure Regulation (commonly known as the Sunshine List) has triggered a number of academic staff to come forward with concerns about anomalous salaries. In discussing this with the Provost, the Parties have agreed to open up the salary anomalies process to allow for academic staff to bring forward concerns this upcoming year, regardless of the date of hire. Normally academic staff are only eligible to apply within ten years of hiring. Salary anomaly decisions will still be based on one’s starting salary. More information can be found in the Collective Agreement, Article 15 – Salary Anomalies. A copy of the Collective Agreement is available here.

We suggest those academic staff who believe they have an anomalous salary speak with their Department Head or equivalent. Also, the Faculty Association would be happy to answer any questions academic staff may have. Deadlines associated with this process will be provided in the new year. The Salary Anomalies Advisory Committee normally meets in the spring to discuss all cases and provide advice to the Chair of the Committee (Provost and Vice-President (Academic) or her designate).

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