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Statement on 2021-22 Alberta Provincial Budget

We are disappointed that the government has persisted with cuts to college and university funding and we wish to make clear that the removal of $90 million from post-secondary operations will not contribute to higher quality education. Unfortunately, the budget makes clear that post-secondary education is not a priority for the provincial government.  We believe that Alberta’s post-secondary institutions have a central role to play in diversifying our workforce and building the kind of economy and society that will enable Alberta to move forward in these trying times. However, our post-secondary institutions need appropriate, sustainable funding to achieve this and the ongoing and cumulative cuts are moving the province’s post-secondary institutions in the wrong direction.

Investment in Alberta’s post-secondary education is a choice that the Government of Alberta must make in order to secure a prosperous future for Albertans.  We will continue to make the point that post-secondary spending should be seen as an investment in Alberta’s future rather than a short term line item expense.  We will also continue our efforts to urge Albertans to work together to convince our Government that investments today in post-secondary education system offer the best hopes for the prosperity of Alberta in the future.

David Stewart

President, The University of Calgary Faculty Association​

Statement on 2021-22 Alberta Provincial Budget

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