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– By Paul Rogers, Faculty Association President –

Not wishing to take away anything from the importance of my main article (on the workload of instructor-stream academic staff in the Faculty of Arts), I also want to share some thoughts on two additional areas of concern for members of the Association:

1)      Access Copyright: it’s been a couple of weeks since I emailed you regarding this topic, and I want to share with you something interesting that was brought to my attention by CAUT.  Ariel Katz, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto, is maintaining a webpage that keeps track of the institutions that have made public their decisions regarding the Access Copyright-AUCC model license.  Click here for the most recent information as to which institutions qualify for Ariel’s “Hall of Fame” or “Hall of Shame”. More information about Access Copyright, AUCC and the University of Calgary can be found here.

2)      Funding to support department needs: since the Association released the engagement survey results for academic staff in March (click here for the March article), I’ve had a chance to look at the survey results for the AUPE and MaPS staff groups too.  It appears that both of these groups share in the serious concern of academic staff as to the adequacy of the funding the university is providing to departments to meet their needs.  It is not clear how the university administration intends to address this top concern of staff overall, but many are worried as to the implications of the new performance-based budget model that administration will be introducing in April 2013 for their departments.

As always, if you have any thoughts that you wish to share with me on the above topics, or on any others that you think ought to be concerns of the Faculty Association, please do not hesitate to contact me (e.g. I’d certainly be interested to hear your thoughts on the current kerfuffle around university political contributions).

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