University Committees

The Faculty Association represents the collective interests of the academic staff within the governance structures of the University.

University Policies and Proposals

From time to time, the Faculty Association will make submissions and comments on various University policies and proposals.

Submission to the Task Force on GFC and its Standing Committees


University Committees

The Faculty Association makes appointments to the following committees:

Academic Planning and Priorities Committee (APPC)
— Academic Program Subcommittee (APS)
— Campus and Facilities Development Subcommittee (CFDS)
— Graduate Academic Program Subcommittee (GAPS)
Budget Committee (TUBC)
Employment Equity and Workplace Diversity Committee
Faculty Promotions Committees (FPC)/ Faculty Merit Committees (FMC)
Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee (FTPC)
General Faculties Council (GFC)
General Faculties Executive Committee (EC)
General Promotions Committee (GPC)/ General Merit Committee (GMC)
Indoor Environmental Quality Committee (IEQ)
Promotion Review Committee (PRC) (jointly appointed by the Provost and Faculty Association)
Research and Scholarship Committee (RSC)
Research Ethics Appeal Board
Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)
Tenure Appeal Committee (TAC) (jointly appointed by the Vice-President (Research) and Faculty Association)
University Health Safety and Security Committee (UHSSC)
Workplace Diversity and Employment Equity Committee

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