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Our Purpose

Being an academic in a university setting means taking some responsibility for the University as a whole, and particularly defending the rights of colleagues for the academic freedoms and processes that are unique to our environment.  This is necessary because as scholars we know well what a university should be and why society needs good universities.  The traditions of good universities must be protected, and this protection must come from the academics that make up universities.  It is the role of the Faculty Association to do just that: to ensure individual faculty members have equal access to justice, and that proper policies and procedures are in place to ensure that this goal is achieved.  A ‘fair environment’ that discourages favouritism and protects faculty members from arbitrary decisions is the essential foundation of an intellectually independent and open university.

Academic staff express their collective interests in the University through the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary under joint agreements arranged through negotiations with the Board of Governors.

The Faculty Association:

Negotiates the Collective Agreement with the Board of Governors

Provides Information to Members

Protects Faculty Interests (Grievances)

Promotes Faculty Interests

Represents the Faculty in the Councils of the University

Speaks for the Academic Staff in the Public Forum

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