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Standing Committees

Election Committee

The Elections Committee, established by the by-laws, shall be responsible for running the elections for President and Chair of the Board, Board Members, administering ratification votes and other votes or elections, as required.

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee is established by the by-laws. The membership of the Executive Committee shall include all the Officers, as required by the by-laws. The President and Chair of the Board of Directors shall chair the Executive Committee.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee, established by the by-laws. This Committee, whose membership includes all the Officers is concerned with all matters regarding the nomination or appointment of Association members to internal or external councils or committees, among others.

Joint Liaison Committee

The Joint Liaison Committee is established by the by-laws and Article 25 of the Collective Agreement. According to section 25.4 of the Collective Agreement:

“The objectives of the Committee shall be:

a)     to review matters of mutual concern arising from the administration of this Agreement, excluding any dispute which is the subject of an appeal or grievance pursuant to any other provision of this Agreement or which has been submitted to arbitration for resolution;

b)     to review matters which are not covered by the Collective Agreement, but which are of concern to the Association and/or the Governors, with the understanding that the Governors shall not change rights of and practices relating to academic staff members that have traditionally been the subject of consultation or negotiation without consultation with the Association as provided for in this Article;

c)     to maintain and develop a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect between the Parties;

d)     to facilitate effective working relationships between the Governors and members of the academic staff

e)   to foster good communication between the Parties, and to serve as a forum for the exchange of information.”

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