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Board of Directors

The Faculty Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the organization’s membership for various terms of office. The Executive Committee and Personnel Committee are composed of the Officers of the Board. Also included on the Board of Directors, as non-voting members, are the Association’s Board of Governors nominee and the professional staff of the Association.


Kent Donlevy (Werklund School of Education)

President and Chair of the Board

Dora Tam (Social Work)

Vice-President and Treasurer

Tavis Campbell (Psychology)

Grievance Advisor

Francine Smith (Physiology and Pharmacology)

Grievance Advisor

Hamid Habibi (Biological Sciences)

Principal Negotiator

Nigel Caulkett (Veterinary Medicine)


Trevor Tombe (Economics)


Justine Wheeler (Libraries and Cultural Resources)


Marie-Andrée Bergeron (School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures)

Polly Knowlton Cockett (Werklund School of Education)

David Scollnik (Mathematics and Statistics)

David Stewart (Political Science)

Lindsay Tedds (Economics)

Karen Then (Nursing)

Mary-Ellen Tyler (School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape)

Jason Wiens (English)

Leighton Wilks (Haskayne School of Business)

Non-Voting Members:

Melanee Thomas (Political Science)

Faculty Association nominee to the Board of Governors

Sheila Miller

Executive Director

Don Kozak

Associate Executive Director

Jennifer Krygier

Senior Professional Officer

Shawn Loo

Professional Officer

Sarah McKenzie

Professional Officer
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