Faculty Association Staff

Sheila Miller, Executive Director
(email: sheila.miller AT tucfa.com)

Don Kozak, Associate Executive Director
(email: don.kozak AT tucfa.com)

Michelle Bogdan, Professional Officer
(email: michelle.bogdan AT tucfa.com)

Jennifer Krygier, Professional Officer
(email: jennifer.krygier AT tucfa.com)

Administrative Staff
(email: faculty.association AT tucfa.com)

Michelle Boxall, Office Clerk
(email: michelle.boxall AT tucfa.com)

The office is normally open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In the months of July and August the office may be closed on Fridays. There is confidential voicemail to handle telephone calls at other times.

Generally, staff members each have individual areas of responsibility and you are invited to contact the individuals for information and advice with respect to their areas. Other full or part-time staff may be employed throughout the year to assist with day to day operations or projects. Faculty Association staff are not employees of the University of Calgary.


Sheila Miller (Executive Director) has overall responsibility for the operation of the office and staff matters, and takes lead responsibility for collective bargaining and the handling of formal grievances.

Don Kozak (Associate Executive Director) takes lead responsibility for appointment, promotion and tenure matters, the Universities Academic Pension Plan and developing policy drafts for Executive/Board review.

Michelle Bogdan (Professional Officer) is a first contact for member inquires to the Faculty Association. Responsibilities include managing case workflow, working with various coalitions and committees, and maintaining the Association IT infrastructure.

Jennifer Krygier (Professional Officer) is a first contact for member inquires to the Faculty Association. Responsibilities include coordinating the various communications initiatives of the Association, preparing background research and working with various coalitions and committees.

Michelle Boxall (Office Clerk) performs a variety of administrative duties assisting with the day-to-day operations of the Association.

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