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Faculty Association Dues

The Faculty Association has analyzed its expenditures in accordance with theĀ Bill 32, the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act. We have concluded that all of our expenses from funds collected through dues fit under the definition of “core” activities per that Act.

The Association has never donated to political parties, but has made small donations in the past to non-political causes that have broad support among the members. Specifically, we have donated to the Calgary and campus food banks in lieu of gifts during the December holidays, and we’ve supported humanitarian relief efforts like the Fort McMurray fire relief. The Board of Directors has decided to establish a small fund from revenues outside of dues income for these kinds of expenditures after June 30, 2022. No dues revenue will be used for such purposes in the future.

The Act provides that if dues’ revenue is used for non-core activity, members are allowed to elect to forego paying such dues and thus a separate dues rate would be established for them. As the Association will not be using dues funds for any “non-core” activities, there will be no need for an election process regarding dues nor a requirement for a differential rate.

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