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‘In Search of Professor Precarious’ Film Streaming During Fair Employment Week

In Search of Professor Precarious is a documentary feature in which the director, a long-time precarious contract instructor, travels Canada to lift the curtain on higher education’s dirty little secret. The search takes viewers into the lives of precarious contract faculty and tells their compelling stories. We also hear from permanent faculty, students, administrators, activists and experts. We see artists in action, experience an outdoor biology class on the shores of Nova Scotia, fight alongside a group of Alberta sessionals trying to make their faculty association more democratic, and watch as the biggest higher education strike in Canadian history unfolds.

The Faculty Association is hosting a virtual screening of In Search of Professor Precarious for the entire duration of this year’s Fair Employment Week. The trailer for the film is available now at and the full film will be available for viewing using the same URL beginning at 4 pm on October 15th until midnight on October 24th .

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