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Academic Views

Sessionals by the Numbers

According to a snapshot of academic staff from October 3, 2023, there are currently 695 sessional academic staff members representing about 27 per cent of all academic staff at the University of Calgary.

The relative number of sessional staff varies widely across campus. The Faculty of Arts is by far the largest employer of sessional academic staff with about 26 per cent of all sessionals currently employed at the University of Calgary, but there are faculties such as Nursing and Social Work where the sessional staff represent more than half of the total academic staff in the faculty.

About 59 per cent of sessional academic staff are women and 41 per cent are men. For comparison, about 44 per cent of the ongoing academic staff are women and 56 per cent are men.

The median age of sessionals is 43 compared to 51 for ongoing academic staff.

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