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Sick-Time for Sessional Staff with COVID-19

The Faculty Association and the Governors of the University of Calgary have agreed to provide sick time to for sessional academic staff (with Fall 2021 appointments) who become ill with COVID-19. Sessional academic staff who become ill with COVID-19 will continue to receive full salary and applicable benefits for the duration of their illness, or until the expiry of the Fall 2021 term.

For ongoing members, sick time is covered in Article 2.14 of Schedule A in the Collective Agreement. The provision outlines 60 workdays at 100% of salary and an additional 60 workdays at 70% of salary (following this an individual would move to long-term disability (LTD) if they are eligible and qualify). If you believe that you need to take sick time, this is something you should discuss with your family doctor or other medical professionals.

For more information or concerns, please contact the Faculty Association by email, [email protected] or phone (403) 220-5722.

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