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New Alberta Health Measures from Nov 24, 2020: How they apply to Post-Secondary Sector

A message from Alberta Advanced Education: November 27, 2020

On Tuesday, November 24, Alberta announced new measures to protect the health care system and reduce the rising spread of COVID-19. With respect to Alberta’s post-secondary system, Alberta’s government under the guidance from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, is not recommending further measures or restrictions for the post-secondary sector at this time.

However, a few of the enhanced measures will impact our campuses. Please read the following for clarification on how the new measures apply to post-secondary providers:

  • Post-secondary providers are welcome to continue providing classes and learning experiences so long as they follow the Guidance for Post Secondary Institutions and all other applicable guidance.  
  • The new K-12 measures do not affect post-secondary providers.  
  • However, two of the enhanced measures will specifically affect post-secondary operation:
    • Mandatory masking in workplaces in Edmonton and Calgary except when working alone in an office or a safely distanced cubicle or an appropriate barrier is in place.  
      • For post-secondary institutions in Edmonton and Calgary, the classroom is also considered a workplace and therefore masking is required. The instructor can unmask while teaching, but must mask before and after. Students must wear masks at all times in indoor areas of the post-secondary institutions. 
    • Employers to allow working from home: specifically, work from home should be considered, wherever possible.
  • Other enhanced measures may apply to businesses, facilities, and activities at post-secondary providers, depending on where the post-secondary provider is located.
    • For example, for post-secondary providers in purple (enhanced) zones, the restrictions on sports, businesses, places of worship, and other venues will apply.
    • In all areas of the province, the social gathering restrictions (indoor and outdoor), events and festivals, wedding and funeral restrictions will apply.
  • The best source of information on the new measures is the Alberta Government websites
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