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Strikes across Canada

The Faculty Association has been actively supporting our sister associations that have had to go on strike. This solidarity has included donations to striking faculty associations, as well as participation in pickets at the striking institution. Flying pickets are organized…

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2024 Statistical Summary of Ongoing Academic Staff

The staff of the Faculty Association are constantly reviewing reports and data related to the academic staff at the University of Calgary. We provide a statistical summary of sessional academic staff as part of the Fair Employment Week edition of…

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Sessional Travel Fund Results – Winter 2024

The Faculty Association received 56 applications from 54 individuals for the Sessional Travel Fund in Winter 2024. The total funding requested in these applications was $133,621. As a result of carry-over amounts from previous years, the Association was able to…

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Changes to CAUT Dues for 2024-2025

A minor change in CAUT dues takes effect on July 1, 2024. These fees are calculated based on average academic staff salaries by rank, as reported annually by Statistics Canada, applied against an approved mil rate. The mil rate of…

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Summer 2024 Hours

The Faculty Association office will be closed on Fridays for the months of July and August. The Association's voicemail and general email will be checked regularly on days the University is open.

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