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President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

As March draws to a close, I want to congratulate all those who were elected in the recent Faculty Association election. I also want to thank all those who were willing to put their names on the ballot for election. The willingness to put yourself forward to serve your colleagues is critical to moving us forward. It takes courage to put your name on the ballot, and we are all stronger for your willingness to do so. We need to all work together moving forward.

These are challenging times as we work in an environment where the Chair of the Board of Governors refuses to meet with the Faculty Association President, where dissent is often equated with disloyalty, government funding is insufficient, and government policy allows for secret bargaining mandates. Please be assured that the Faculty Association will continue to work and advocate on behalf of our membership. As I have said many times, winning an election to serve as your President has been the highlight of my career, and I will do my best to serve effectively for the remainder of my term.

Finally, I wish to personally congratulate Kent Donlevy, the President-elect, and assure him and you of a smooth transition. His message to the membership follows.

Best wishes,

David Stewart, President, The Faculty Association of the University of Calgary

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