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Results from 2024 Surveys on the Performance of Deans and Equivalents

According to the Faculty Association policy concerning the Assessment of Deans and equivalents, the Faculty Association surveys academic staff members at the approximate two-year point of five-year terms as well as at the renewal point. The Faculty Association has conducted surveys at the approximate two-year point for the Deans of the following Faculties: Cumming School of Medicine, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Kinesiology, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as well as the Vice-Provost (Student Experience). The Faculty Association has conducted a survey at the renewal point for the Dean of the Faculty of Social Work.

In accordance with the Faculty Association policy, information on only the quantitative results (statistics) of the survey are to be released to the Association membership provided that the number of surveys received meets the policy requirements for the distribution of results. The quantitative results of all surveys conducted this year were included in the email version of this newsletter. The full responses for all surveys were provided to the Interim Provost as well as the respective Deans and Vice-Provost.

Feel free to contact the Association office at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

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