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Results from Dean Surveys

The Faculty Association of the University of Calgary, in accordance with its policy concerning the Assessment of Deans and equivalents, has completed a survey of the academic staff members in Faculties where the Dean or Dean-equivalent is at the end of their term, including the Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology and the Vice-Provost (Student Experience) as well as Faculties where the Dean or Dean-equivalent has three years before the end of their term including the Dean of the Schulich School of Engineering and Dean of the Werklund School of Education. This year, we have been informed by the Deans of the Cumming School of Medicine and the Faculty of Arts that they will not be seeking a renewal of their terms which are due to conclude in 2022, therefore we did not conduct surveys in these cases.

The results of these surveys are shared with the respective Deans, or equivalents, and the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) subject to response thresholds in the policy. In the case of review committees, the results will also be shared with the members of those committees.

In accordance with the Faculty Association policy, information on only the quantitative results (statistics) of the survey will be released to the Association membership provided that the number of surveys received meets our requirements for the distribution of results. The quantitative results for the surveys of the Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology, the Vice-Provost (Student Experience), the Dean of Schulich School of Engineering and Dean of Werklund School of Education are distributed with this newsletter to members of the Faculty Association.

Feel free to contact the Association office at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

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