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Board of Directors and Officers for 2021-2022

The Faculty Association Board of Directors Members for the 2021-2022 academic year are as follows:

  • David Stewart (President)
  • John Baker (Grievance Advisor)
  • Marie-AndrĂ©e Bergeron
  • Tavis Campbell (non-voting, Board of Governors Nominee)
  • Nigel Caulkett (Officer at Large)
  • Kent Donlevy (Grievance Advisor)
  • Hamid Habibi (Principal Negotiator)
  • Polly Knowlton Cockett
  • Paul Rogers (non-voting, UAPP Trustee)
  • David Scollnik
  • Jessica Shaw (on leave)
  • Francine Smith
  • Lindsay Tedds
  • Karen Then
  • Melanee Thomas
  • Trevor Tombe
  • Mary-Ellen Tyler
  • Justine Wheeler (Vice-President & Treasurer)

Faculty Association Professional Staff (non-voting):

  • Sheila Miller, Executive Director
  • Don Kozak, Associate Executive Director
  • Jennifer Krygier, Professional Officer
  • Shawn Loo, Professional Officer
  • Sarah McKenzie, Professional Officer
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