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Upcoming Drive-by Protest

Faculty Association members, including President, David Stewart, will be participating in a drive-by protest on March 27 to show support for post-secondary education in Alberta. This will be similar to the January 30 protest and will involve a drive-around of…

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AASUA Petition: Protect Alberta Education

The Faculty Association at the University of Alberta is requesting support for an online petition ​and also looking for help for a more general campaign. Please visit for more information and to participate.

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Statement on 2021-22 Alberta Provincial Budget

We are disappointed that the government has persisted with cuts to college and university funding and we wish to make clear that the removal of $90 million from post-secondary operations will not contribute to higher quality education. Unfortunately, the budget makes clear that…

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Stop PSE Cuts Drive-by Protest

On January 30, 2021, the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary joined other supporters of post-secondary education in Alberta in voicing our support for stable funding of post-secondary education and expressing our concern about the province’s future. We hope…

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