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Faculty Association Representation

The Faculty Association would like to remind its members about the right to representation in situations of conflict, discipline, or potential discipline. Many conflicts can be resolved informally at an early stage by the academic staff member alone (sometimes with the confidential advice of the Association) and do not require direct Faculty Association involvement. However, when there are situations that escalate which have the potential to lead to discipline and an Administrator asks to meet with you, the Administration is required to advise you of your right to have a Faculty Association representative attend such meetings with you. If you attend a meeting on your own with an Administrator and you become concerned that you need advice or representation – especially where the Administrator indicates that the results of such a discussion might lead to discipline – you can ask for a recess in the proceedings to allow you to have time to contact the Faculty Association for assistance.

The best way to reach us is by emailing [email protected]. However, we continue to monitor our phone line for voicemail messages, so feel free to also leave a message at (403) 220-5722.

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