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Recent pay increases for members

There are some recent changes to compensation that we would like to flag for members to be aware of. Pay increases associated with the 2021-2023 Assessment process have been finalized and we understand that payments for the Progress Through the Ranks portion were scheduled for the October 25th pay stub while payments for the Outstanding Achievement Awards and COVID-OAA were scheduled for the December 8th pay stub. In both cases, these awards are applied retroactively to July 1, 2023.

In addition, an across-the-board increase of 1.5 per cent was applied on December 1st, to salaries in effect on November 30th, which includes increase from PTR and OAA payments. This across-the-board increase applies all academic staff, including sessionals and ongoing staff who are the ceiling in their rank (the ceiling has increased). The new salary ranges (December 1, 2023*) for ongoing academic staff can be found in Schedule ‘A’, and the new minimum sessional salaries can be found in Schedule ‘B’ of the Collective Agreement. This is expected to be reflected on the December 22nd pay stub.

If members have any concerns with their pay that they are not able to resolve with payroll, they can reach out to the Faculty Association at [email protected].

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